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My Main Muses: Photographing my own family

I photograph my family the whole time and pretty much everything that we do. But it’s very rare that I actually do a formal shoot with my family and purposely dress up the kids. So I used my brother and sister in laws trip to Los Angeles as the perfect excuse to go play with the light under Washington Pier. Zac and my niece Rosie stayed clean and dry for all of two seconds but both loved being the centre of attention. As you can see I’m blessed with a super photogenic family! I even got in front of the camera myself which I never do. Good thing I’m good at photoshop!

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Fall Shoot themed shoot

I don't know what is about Autumn but there is something about this time of year that I've always loved.  So I jumped at the chance to take 'Fall' themed portraits at a children's fashion show. The look I was going for was Vanity Fairs answer to Autumn chic...with kids. Inspired by many an Annie Lebrowitz shoot, I've also want to try out these vintage style backdrops from Schmidli. The props and styling were a collaboration with Rosie Axford Design. 

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Ellie and Annie

My first season of fall shoots is under way, starting with the beautiful Birdwell girls. Ellie and Annie's mum (also an Amy) were a dream to work with. I'm always encouraging mums to think outside the box and allow their creativity to run wild. Amy designed an Alice and Wonderland inspired tea party scene. The girls wore dresses from I love Gorgeous that complimented the colours of the flowers Amy had hand made. The girls had tea with their toy sheep, darted in and out of the bushes catching faux butterflies and pushed each other on the swing. The magical LA golden hour was out in full force and we finished the shoot with a joy ride round the golf course. 

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Dotty Dungarees Autumn Winter 2017

Don't get me wrong, I am loving LA, its beautiful weather and magical light.  But for the first time since I've been here I've found myself craving autumn leaves, frosty mornings and thick knitted jumpers. Here are some of my favourite pictures from gorgeous children's brand Dotty Dungarees photographed last January. I've been shooting their look books for 3 years now, saying good bye to my UK clients for pastures unknown in LA was a big leap of faith. Dotty Dungarees brand is about the spirit of adventure.  Georgie, Alice and I had so much fun thinking up the next adventure for our merry band of regular models. 

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