Dotty Dungarees

Dotty Dungarees Autumn Winter 2018

So thrilled to be reunited with my favourite client Dotty Dungarees. Alice and Georgie’s brand celebrates the spirit of childhood adventure. As a result each shoot is an adventure to! Some of the models I’ve photographed since they were 1 years old and they now they are at ‘big school’ and very sadly almost too big for the dungarees!

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Dotty Dungarees Autumn Winter 2017

Don't get me wrong, I am loving LA, its beautiful weather and magical light.  But for the first time since I've been here I've found myself craving autumn leaves, frosty mornings and thick knitted jumpers. Here are some of my favourite pictures from gorgeous children's brand Dotty Dungarees photographed last January. I've been shooting their look books for 3 years now, saying good bye to my UK clients for pastures unknown in LA was a big leap of faith. Dotty Dungarees brand is about the spirit of adventure.  Georgie, Alice and I had so much fun thinking up the next adventure for our merry band of regular models. 

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Childrens Fashion Photographer LA.jpg